Have More Questions ?

Can I sell a house in probate?

Yes you can. We buy dozens of homes every year in the probate process, or help prior to the probate process. Many sellers don’t know that you can actually forego the probate process if the necessary paperwork is filled out (our closing attorney does all of this for us, free of charge to our sellers). We buy inherited properties after the probate process and anywhere in-between. We have become known as probate experts in our area because of our ability to help people navigate the process so well. Even if you just have questions about the probate process, please give us a call!

Can you stop a foreclosure?

Can we ever. We have stopped dozens of foreclosures and work hand in hand with the best closing attorneys in town to get auctions delayed if necessary. We have had people call us the day before an auction and we were able to help. I highly recommend not waiting that long but we have helped dozens of sellers avoid foreclosure.

Do you buy properties in any condition?

Absolutely. Every month we buy homes that need absolutely no work, and homes that should be featured on some house flipping show on HGTV. We’ve torn down houses to build new, and bought large estates. There really isn’t a home we won’t consider as long as we get to help a seller and it’s a win-win.

Why should I choose National Equity Offer?

We do business differently. To be totally honest, cash home buyers can garner a bad reputation because it’s prevalent for them to “back out” or “price drop” people. We are the highest rated and reviewed company in our area because we have successfully closed 99% of all contracts we have ever entered into. Not to get on a soap box but if we tell somebody we are going to buy their house we just plain do. We understand people are planning their next life chapter and often have already set that ball in motion when we sign a contract. At our company, we are men and women of our word. But please, don’t take our word for it. Read over 100 five star reviews on google where other sellers have talked about their experience. Or give us a call and talk to us, at the end of the day we are here to help you.

How does a cash offer sale work?

Because we don’t use banks it’s extremely quick and easy. The short version is we agree on a price that works for both of us, and the terms (like how long you want to close, do you want to leave everything in the house etc). We then submit your purchase agreement to our closing and title companies, there will be some limited documents and questions they need answered (all of which we handle for you, like loan payoffs). Then we just wait until the close date. There are no appraisals, no commissions. It’s honestly as quick and easy as you can sell a house. Our average seller we get to work with typically has less than 1 hour into the home selling process and collects their cash within 1-3 weeks.

Do you buy houses with tenants?

Only dozens of times per year. We understand that selling a house with tenants can be very delicate situations. We ALWAYS work with tenants to see what the best plan for them is. We’ve bought a lot of homes with tenants, some prefer to stay in place. Other houses we have purchased the tenants prefer to move on and have the place fixed up. We walk all parties through their options and see exactly how we can help.

Can I live in the house after closing?

We’d love to talk to you about this. We allow people to live in the home post-closing often. We can walk you through what those options are. We completely understand you might need the cash now, but a month or two to find another place to live or plan the next chapter of your life. We’re here to help you with that.

How quickly can you close?

Because we pay cash, it’s really on your timeline. We’ve closed houses in as little as 3 days, and we’ve extended closings out for months at the request of the seller so they could make time to find another place. We often will let people live in the house after closing if that can help your situation too.

Do you buy any type of property?

Yes indeedy. We have bought everything from bare land, to tear down houses, condos, apartment buildings, mansions, houses that needed zero work and houses that need full rehabs. We love every scenario as long as we get to help the person selling.

Do I need to have my house empty to sell?

Absolutely not 😊. We buy houses in any condition, regardless of content. We have a “leave behind” special that we would love to talk with you about. Many sellers decide to sell to us and prefer to have us take on all of the items left behind. We’re REALLY good at cleaning out properties (practice makes perfect!)